Good morning lovelies!

It’s Friday, shopping has been done, hubby is at home and I can finally start winding down. What are you up to this weekend? Hope whatever it is, it is a fabulous one!

Today I just wanted to share with you this little gadget that I found yesterday and I so desperately want!

Book light

Book LightI have the terrible habit of not being sleepy when it’s time for bed. Like, I fall asleep on the sofa at 9.30pm, and when it comes to go to bed, my senses wake up again and all I want to do is read blogs, or catch up on my Elle magazine. And let me tell you, this drives my poor husband crazy! All he wants is switch off the light, and instead is stuck with me wanting to read or work until 2am in the morning!

This compact LED light, however, might just be the solution to our problems!

It’s called Starlight and it is on sale on for £29. Instead of having a normal power cord is rechargeable via USB, which means that I can carry it with me where I want without having to keep it plugged in the mains.

Book lightDon’t you love it?

So what gadgets are you craving for in 2012? Do you have any suggestions, any gadget that you have already bought and that they make your life easier? If so, please share! Anything, from iPad to a new food mixer… If it makes your life easier or enriches your cooking, reading, writing, exercising or any other experience, then please share!

x Betta

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