Before you get into the pictures of this wedding, I have to tell you something: I’ve fallen in love, again. I’ve fallen in love with a country that I’ve only been to briefly, 2 weeks, back in November, and crazily enough, in one of its most touristic and least culturally representative places they have. Yet, something has touched me deeply and won’t give me peace until I go back to see more. The more I virtually explore Egypt, the more I feel drawn to it. There is something magical about this country. And something about the people that made me feel like home.
It pains my heart to see this country torn by their internal issues. It hurts because this is a beautiful place, with real, generous, hospitable, and well educated people that have the potential of turning it into a real gem for its beauty and cultural heritage… So I have plans – plans to go back. And plans to start my own (possibly crazy and perhaps a bit unrealistic) venture in Egypt, which might mean one day I’ll have plenty more to share with you about this country, but until then, I consider it a privilege to feature these stunning images of a four days wedding extravaganza, beautifully captured by London and destination wedding photographer Lucy of My Heart Skipped.

Lucy has kindly shared with us some incredible images showing details that give you a glimpse of an Egyptian wedding celebration that will make you dream of travelling to this marvellous country.

Thank you Lucy for sharing your amazing day with us.

This gorgeous couple (name withheld) got married in Cairo. They then threw a party to rock all parties – an epic four days of celebrations surrounded by family and friends, along the banks of the Nile in Aswan. Guests were treated to the biggest dessert table ever, trips on feluccas (traditional boats), welcoming Zaffas (traditional wedding dances), sand boarding, swimming in the Nile (followed by ice creams), lunching on a deserted island, dining amongst Saharan sand dunes and moonlit dancing, Buddha Bar style”

As a photographer it was an unbelievable experience. Cairo is an amazing city, full of hustle and bustle, and I saw most of it being driven at speed between wedding venues. Absolutely hair-raising! Much of the wedding took place in the cool of the evening and I can’t describe how magical it was to walk to the venue through a fragrant pathway lined with lilies and roses, and lit with nothing but candles. It must have been like a dream to the bride. She met her groom at the door of the venue and they walked in together serenaded by a single bagpipe player, the hypnotic drumming and singing of a traditional zaffa (wedding march) and the energetic ululations of their guests.

The next day we set off to Aswan in the South of Egypt. It’s an area steeped in history and it sits on the banks of the Nile near the very famous dam. Egypt is full of stories and ancient tales and you can see why in Aswan. At this point I had to keep pinching myself, it was so, so beautiful. I was fascinated by the colours, the noises, the people, the sand dunes finishing at the water’s edge, and the vibrance of river life. Travelling back from work lying on the roof of a felucca (traditional boat), to the lapping sounds of the Nile and lit by the light of the full moon has got to be one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Whilst I was there I stayed in a traditional hotel called AnaKato in the old Nubian village. If you ever visit Aswan, go there. Life is simple, the staff are sweet, the view is breathtaking. And you pretty much have to travel everywhere by felucca (which by now had become my new favourite form of transport). The village has a little market with souvenir sellers and traditional crafts (and some crocodiles, if you care to look).


I also spent a lot of time at The Old Cataract Hotel (cataract is the Greek word for waterfall) with the most famous terrace in the whole of Egypt, thanks to Agatha Christie and ‘Death on the Nile’. Breakfast on the terrace, overlooking the river, drinking strong black Nubian coffee (from the most elaborate coffee machine I have ever seen) was a perfect way to start the day.


You can’t get much better than sand boarding in the Sahara, lunch on a deserted island, swimming in the enticingly cold waters of the springtime Nile, dining by candle-light and dancing in the moonlight with the sun setting over the sand dunes. But what I loved the very most about these celebrations was how much fun the bride and groom made their wedding and the laid-back, chilled out vibe throughout.

Every wedding is full of amazing moments and honestly, more than location, I think it’s all about celebrating your love for one another and sharing the start of your journey together with the people closest to you. This wedding was full of those kind of moments and it was an absolute joy to shoot.

Photography copyright ©My Heart Skipped

Wedding locations: Cairo & Aswan
Bridal preparations at: Marriott Hotel, Cairo
Wedding reception catering/ dessert table: Four Seasons
Aswan catering, sand boarding & party details: Movenpick Hotel
Aswan hotels: AnaKato & Hotel Sofitel Legend Old Cataract