I know I’ve gone quiet for a little while, so please forgive me (!), but I went to a remote place in Italy (deeeeep south) for three amazing weeks, a place where, believe it or not, there was no internet connection. I had time to concentrate on my husband and my closest family that I hadn’t seen for 7 months, doing all the fun things that my brother and I used to do when we were little children going on holiday with mum and dad. Being disconnected to the outside world was kind of liberating, but I missed my blog, so as soon as I came back I started working hard on a few posts for you…

I want to start sharing with you some gorgeous ideas on how to use diamantes and gems to add a bit of glamour to your wedding. I must confess – when I see ‘bling’ I often cringe, and that’s because people tend to either overdo it, to the point of turning something elegant into tacky, or just do it in the the wrong setting, clashing with the ambience and breaking all the rules of good taste. But, when I saw these images by Remarkable Rhinestones showing how these pieces have been used in really elegant settings, the excitement took over, and I felt that I had to share these picture with you… As a wedding planner myself I’ve definetely fallen in love with some of these pieces and I’m sure you will find them gorgeous too!

Remarkable Rhinestones are a US-based company providing buckles, covered buttons, napkin rings and many more decoration pieces that can be used to add tasteful sparkle to your wedding. Recently I’ve been in touch with Alexis at Remarkable Rhinestones who has been able to give me some insights into how their beautiful designs are currently being used: “Our products add an upscale edge to your event or everyday dining, helping make it stand out and more memorable. Fabulous for a themed tabletop, our strikingly elegant selection is incredibly diverse and unique to reflect your sense of style and needs.

And we agree!

These stones can work as elegant and colourful accessories not only to decorate tables, but also to add glamour or a vintage feel to your gown, your bouquet, or your stationery. To tell you the truth, if I could go back in time, I would have definitely used them to add a bit of sophistication to the tables of my wedding venue, perhaps picking one of the less intricate, more modern pieces, in line with the minimalist style of my wedding.

These pieces are becoming so popular that Remarkable Rhinestones products have been used by David Tutera, US party and wedding planner to the stars, in his ‘My Fair Wedding‘ show on WEtv. Alexis has been able to share with us some gorgeous images by Michael Segal Photography to show how some of these gems have been used by David on his show.

Alice in Wonderland theme wedding (from David Tutuera’s “My Fair Wedding” season 3 episode 15). It features RR’s “Large Bow” napkin ring. This box napkin ring signifies tying together your guests while displaying warmth at your tables with the beautiful hematite stones.

The “Navette Square” napkin ring was used in The Bling Bride” episode (“My Fair Wedding” season 3 episode 12). An exquisite napkin ring with a sparkling clear crystal center and lined with crystal navettes around.

Seen here is the “Fiesta Red” Napkin ring. It was featured in the “Hearts Bride (episode 21 of season 3). Two flowers with light Siam Ring and Siam AB stones make a festive table setting. A beautiful accessory for linens!

If you are a DIY bride who likes the idea of going the extra mile to add the wow factor to her wedding, these pieces will definitely help you achieve this: you could apply them to ribbons wrapped around the icing of your wedding cake, you could use them as a feature on a gorgeous silk belt on your wedding dress (very à-la-Caroline-Castigliano), or you could use the napkin rings
to add accents of colour to a monocrome theme, and then ask your guests to take them home  as little thank you favours.

The options are infinite, but just remember a key rule: unless you are planning for a sumptuous event, don’t overdo it! You want these type of details to stand out, not drown among too many colours or accessories.

As usual, we’d love to receive feedback from you! Use our comment section to share with us your ideas on how you may have used or are planning to use rhinestones at your wedding!

xx Betta

PS: If you are not based in the US you can still purchase Remarkable Rhinestones amazing designs. Alexis has reassured me that they can ship outside the US (cost varies according to the location as well as the weight of the package).

Image Credits: Top three imagea via Remarkable Rhinestones // All images from the “My Fair Wedding” show are from Michael Segal Photography