Is it just me, or weekday weddings are becoming much more popular than Saturday weddings? In the past 2 years I think I’ve been to two Saturday weddings in total. Other than that, I’ve had a Sunday (granted, it’s not mid-week but is still unusual), several Fridays, a Wednesday and a Tuesday wedding. And no, none of these was or had a bank holiday attached to it.

If you are a guest invited to a weekday wedding it may mean that you have to take a day off and go back to work the following day feeling completely knackered. Those who are self-employed may also incur loss of earning having to give up a day’s work to attend the wedding. However, those of us who have already got married will know that getting married means finding the perfect balance between not going over budget, finding the right vendors and getting the timing right so that everyone is happy. This is by no means a simple task. As much as you’d like to be able to plan your wedding how and when you want it, there is a certain measure of flexibility you need to maintain to make sure that you don’t cause friction among the families, or that your budget doesn’t triplicate or get stretched to the point that you have to compromise on several aspects. You also need to be very realistic and appreciate that if your budget is not flexible, then something has to give… Sometimes this ‘something’ may have to be your choice of what day in the week you wanted to get married.

There are at least a couple of reasons why mid-week weddings are becoming increasingly popular:

♥ First of all, they are cheaper. So much cheaper that you can take the money you save by getting married in the week and put it right into another supplier, which, if your wedding budget is restricted, can make a huge difference.

♥ Secondly, if you already had a particular Saturday in mind, you may struggle to get availability with the venue or with a specific supplier. After all, there are only 50 or so Saturdays in a year and, admittedly, not all of them are suitable to get married. Some venues are so popular that getting availability requires you booking more than a year in advance, which is also not always possible.

If any of these reasons is forcing you to get married on a weekday, you may feel disheartened and even worried about your family and friends’ reaction. Do bear in mind, however, that getting married on a working day is becoming more and more popular and acceptable. Most of your guests will have probably attended a wedding in the week before and will know what to expect.

There are a few things you can probably do to help you and your guests feel more at ease with your choice:

♥ Send out Save the Date cards as soon as you can so that your guests have plenty of time to organize themselves and either take a day off, or arrange their working pattern so that they don’t necessarily have to take a day from their leave or give up to a day’s work if self-employed.

♥ If you can, think about getting married in the afternoon so that they still have a choice of taking only half a day off instead of a whole day.

♥ The Wild Card: A typical southern Italian tradition is to get married in the evening. This is particularly feasible in the summer, when it’s bright until late in the evening. Getting married on a Friday evening (in Italy it’s not unusual to see ceremonies at 7.30pm) will give you the whole day to get ready, your guests will be able to attend without having to take a whole day off and your photographer will be able to work with the best light of the day .

♥ If you are still uncomfortable about getting married in the week, or if your guests make comments about your choice, don’t justify yourself by telling them that the saving you make allows you to go on a honeymoon or buy a new washing machine. A guest should not be judging or complain, but it is also not good manners to point out that you’re doing it so that you can spend your money on something else. After all, coming to your wedding may cost your guests a fair amount on money, which they will happily spend for the sake of sharing such a special day with you. So don’t make them feel like you were more worried about making a saving than making sure that all your guests could attend.

What is your point of view on getting married in the week? Do you think that it is completely acceptable? Or do you think that there are more cons than pros? What has been your experience?

Please share your thoughts with us…


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