A couple of weeks ago I came across this gorgeous site/blog by Leslie Shewring, a LA based blogger, designer, master of collage, watercolors, architecture, cooking and, I would add, photography (her own pictures on the blog are absolutely stunning!).

Her site, called A Creative Mint, is a hive of pretty, practical ideas to decorate your house, office, wedding, make your own stationery and much more. Needless to say everything is colourful, drawing inspiration from the most disparate things, like Japanese books and paper.

One feature I really love about her site is that you can search her projects by colours.

To give you an idea of all the prittiness you are going to find on this inspiring blog, I’ve selected a few images I found when I clicked on the Coral colour scheme. I hope you find these inspiring as much as I do. One thing I will certainly start doing after looking at Leslie’s work is walk around with my small digital camera looking for inspiration for my own blog.

Flower inspiration


Pattern Ideas

DIY Projects

I love this cute Polaroids book ideas. You could create a couple to give away to your families at your wedding or as presents for your friends anniversaries.


Image Credits

All images by A Creative Mint. Links: