I’m Elisabetta White, international wedding planner & stylist with a passion for intimately inspired events. I help couples like you, passionate travellers, wild dreamers and gypsy souls, plan your perfect wedding or elopement, wherever your hearts may take you.

For years I planned advertising campaigns for international clients, but the truth is, as much as I loved my job, I got bored or the corporate, money-chasing mentality. It felt soulless and mentally exhausting. As that feeling of emptiness became stronger and stronger, I realised I had to follow my heart and channel all my energy and skills into something that would fill my life with love and joy. That’s how my path into wedding planning started.

My work has been featured on international wedding blogs and magazines, but the only recognition that truly matters is when a bride gives you a hug at the end of her wedding day shedding a little tear; it’s a groom unexpectedly thanking you during in his speech; it’s that 3-word email that reads: “You are magic;” it’s standing at a distance while the bride and groom pronounce their vows in a dream setting, feeling like your heart is filling up with fuzzy, happy thoughts – a sense of peace, pride and love.


If you are planning a magical destination wedding in the UK, Italy, Egypt or somewhere more exotic; if your wedding day is all about the culmination of love, not about impressing others; if it is about the memories and emotions, and you love effortless sophistication, then we should talk.

Head over to my Contact page and send me as much details as you can about your dream day.

Let’s start the journey together, now.



I’m a believer that the key to a happy, long-term client-planner relationship is affinity. There are times that my clients and I realise we have a lot in common. When that happens, I know that planning their wedding will lead to a beautiful long-lasting friendship…

I grew up...

…in Italy, but have been living in the UK for now half of my life.

I feel at home in...

… 4 different cities, in 3 different countries, over 2 different continents – London, Milan, Ostuni (Puglia) and Sharm el Sheikh.

The quotes...

… “I’m a citizen of the world” and “Home is where your heart is” both apply to me. Being an expat is both a curse and a blessing!

People always ask me...

… “What language do you dream in?” No idea! Italian is my mother tongue, but English is often the language I prefer to communicate in. And I hardly ever remember my dreams…

I’m terrified of...

… dogs, but I love them. In my dreams one day I’ll be a pug’s mamma.

My favourite colours are...

… white and gold; and minimalism. I know, it’s not a colour, but in my head the three go hand in hand.

I'm not a fan of...

… ignorant people who are also arrogant. Worse combo ever! I passionately dislike chair covers too. Please, don’t ask me for chair covers. It’s not happening, I mean it.

Completely random...

… I have been skiing since the age of 4 and absolutely love the adrenaline rush it gives me

In 5 years’ time...

… I’ll be doing exactly what I’m doing now, but I hope my base will be from a luxury hammock on a beach and my tea breaks will consist of a dip in the sea.


I enjoy lots of things. In fact, I probably enjoy doing too many things. I could quite easily jump from one hobby to another and fill my life with exciting projects, but in the end I always go back to the few things I love. These are the things that define me. They are the ones that make me happy from within. They are the things that shape my life and as a reflection my work too.

  • My partner in crime and in business. My (im)perfect complement.
  • Chilling on the rooftop of our Ostuni home. Nothing's more authentic than that view.
  • The simplicity of home food. The colours alone make me happy!
  • My crazy Italian family. Because looks and hands speak louder than words 🙂
  • Pouring my emotions out with pen and paper.
  • "The cure to everything is salt. Sweat, tears or the sea."
  • My iPhone; it keeps me connected to the people I love wherever they are.
  • Immense breath-taking sunsets by the sea.
  • I’m inspired by interior design. I pretty much cannot live without my monthly Living Etc. fix!
  • "If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet."


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