I wanted to give you a glimpse of where I come from and what my background is, so this week on Linen & Silk I covered a couple of topics that are close to my roots: styling your wedding the Italian way (thank you mum for the inspiration) and how to choose your wedding perfume (thank you dad for giving me a slight obsession for perfumes…oh if only I could afford all the perfumes I fancy!).

So today I’m going to keep the post light and share something that you can easily recreate for your wedding: a fabric magnetic cover that can be used as a table plan.

This cute find can be bought as it is on Etsy and will come with 4 magnetic buttons. As it is relatively small (9″x12″) you may want to buy 3 of them to hang side by side so that your table plan won’t look cluttered.

However, and even better solution might be to recreate this yourself, in which case you have the choice to either buy a steel board and use magnets, or simply buy a canvas of the size you need and cover or upholster with your choice of fabric. You could then buy pretty buttons to sew onto the canvas right where each table list is placed.

I will post a simple DIY tutorial on this in the next weeks which I hope you will find useful.

Enjoy your day!


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This pretty magnetic board is from Etsy and can be purchased  for $16.50 + shipping cost.