When I saw these Stella’s pretty perfume bottles on You & Your Wedding it brought me back to the time when I had to choose my wedding perfume.

I’ve grown up with a dad that would buy all of us (myself, my mum and my brother) a new perfume whenever he smelled one he liked on one of his clients (he does have a very fine sense of smell my dad!). So perfumes have always been a really important part of my ‘getting ready’ routine, and it is no surprise that when my hubby and I decided to get married, a new perfume was on the list of things I really wanted to buy.

When I look back, however, I’ve made a big mistake: I left it to the last minute. Before my wedding I hardly had any money as I was left with no job for four months. I had to give up to a dream job at Penguin because my headhunter didn’t correctly communicate to them the amount of leave I needed in order for me to go to Italy to get married and to go on our honeymoon. They showed no flexibility and I wasn’t keen to back down. I gave up to another safe, albeit temp, job that would have supported me right up to my wedding, under the condition that my new employer was absolutely clear I needed 3 to 4 weeks off. So I was really unimpressed when I realised that both the headhunter and the company I went to work for refused to take responsibility for the misunderstanding. In the end I had no choice but to resign, leaving me with practically no money whatsoever for the 4 months leading up to the wedding. As you can imagine, buying a new perfume become second priority.

I left it until 5 days before the big day. As I flew to Italy, on my own, I went to Gatwick duty free, grabbed one of the shop assistants who seemed to know everything about perfumes, and told her what kind of scent I was after. Every single perfume she put in front of me smelled wrong. Everything was either too young or too old, too sweet or too tangy. I just wanted a classic. Perhaps a Chanel? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I settled for a perfume that I haven’t worn ever since: Givenchy Ange Ou Demon.

Whenever I try it on again I just cannot understand how I managed to wear such a strong perfume on my wedding day. Iit was so alien to anything I have ever worn before that my poor husband must have been sitting next to me wondering what I was thinking (now he claims he doesn’t remember…hmm…).

So, when you are considering what perfume you should be wearing for your wedding, my advice for you is:

♥ Stick to the scent you always use. It will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

♥ If you must buy a new perfume, either buy it a couple of months in advance so that you get used to the fragrance, or get some samples to start with. Try them and see how they react to the level of acidity of your skin. Not all perfumes smell the same on all people. As I’ve learnt Ange Ou Demon turned out to be much tangier on me than I expected it to be.

♥ Do buy a classic that will make you feel special.

♥ If unsure, buy the smallest bottle they have. There is no point in investing in a 50ml bottle if the fragrance is one of those that you would only wear on special occasions.

♥ If available, buy a special edition or a pretty bottle like the Stella’s. They do look pretty on your dressing table and they will stay with you as a memory of this special day.

Hope this helps, and if you have any experience or recommendations to share for other brides-to-be please do share!

xx Betta

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